Hi! Kaylee here, I am the food loving, homesteading-wannabe hippie behind Clean Modern Mayhem. I mostly grew up in Georgia but was born in Oklahoma where my western roots still run deep. I am married to my high school sweetheart (cute…I know) and we have two little babes, Amelia (5) and Reed (2). I am a stay-at-home mom to our two crazies - hence the “mayhem” part - and I'm just trying to balance it all while doing my best to fuel my family with clean, freaking delicious whole foods.

I've always loved food and cooking.  While some kids played kitchen, my daddy, who is a damn good cook, put me to work as his sous chef, where I sharpened my knife skills.  Clean eating and nourishing our bodies with delicious, whole foods has become a passion of mine after completely changing our lifestyle two years ago. It started with myself during my journey to lose weight and it has grown into SO much more. (see blog post about My Journey for more details).

My mission with Clean Modern Mayhem is to help you and others see that eating clean, whole foods does not have to be flavorless and monotonous.  I want to share how you can incorporate these whole foods in your crazy day-to-day that make up this beautiful thing we call life. My goal is to help you find that balance and hopefully do my part in making this shift in the food movement a little quicker and easier. Life is too short to eat boiled chicken and broccoli - that’s just cruel!  I think diets are complete BS; they set people up for failure and disappointment. Cooking with high quality foods with plenty of flavor is where it is at! Add a little cocktail in there and we are living! 

 I cannot wait to share it with the world or hey, my small corner of the internet. So, grab a hand full of kale and come look around!



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